Vroom Vroom Beep Beep
by Elden Friesen

"Now that we’re done for the day, lets go home and rest up so we can Vroom, vroom, again tomorrow."

The dump truck says “vroom vroom” when it carries loads of dirt and takes the dirt where it is needed. It says “beep, beep, beep” when it backs up. The Dozer says “roar, vroom, clackety” as it pushes mounds of dirt. The grater, which makes roads smooth, also says “vroom.” The fuel truck says “glug, glug” as it fuels the other machines. The safety truck says “vroom, vroom” as it looks out for workers’ safety. Finally, the excavator says “vroom, whirr, varoom” as it loads trucks all day. When they all work together, they make a variety of sounds: vroom, glug, roar, clackity, beep. What will happen after a long day of working together? Will they celebrate or go home to rest? Is the job complete, or will they come back tomorrow?

The author takes the reader through construction vehicles, their functions, and the noises they make as they are performing their jobs. The author’s extensive experience as an equipment operator is evident in this lively read. His detailed description of noises stimulates the reader to imagine she is present on the construction site. The author demonstrates his knowledge of the functions of vehicles by putting the machines in the first person as they describe their job. Adults and children will remember experiences of witnessing construction happening in their own town while either imagining or recalling the sounds of the machines. The powerful story of very different vehicles coming together to create something functional reminds readers that a group can often accomplish far more than individuals. This fun read should appeal to people of all ages.

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