Waiting For Another Day
by Lori Toal-Birchall
Trafford Publishing

"PLAY finally came as the midnight moon slipped away, Genie raced to her brother, hand in hand greeting the new DAY"

Some children hate to sleep, and five-year-old Genie is no exception. She just loves to play all day. She and her brother move through adventures that help him learn and grow. From finding buried pirate treasure to walking on the moon, her imagination knows no boundaries. Every act is another opportunity to dream. Filling the sink suddenly becomes a busload of bubbles. The outset of the story suggests, Genie is a girl in a castle, but that might be her over-active mind at work again. She stays up half the night (in her castle) waiting for the sun to rise. It is only with the soothing sound of her mother's singing and her comfy goose feather comforter that helps Genie to rest while waiting for another day of adventure. Still, she never seems to actually get any sleep, planning their next adventure.

With many examples of the greatness you can experience with just your imagination, this story provides the push some kids need to step away from the electronics. Genie is personally rewarded through her adventures and helping her brother learn and grow—a great example of sibling love that is not demonstrated very often in children's literature. The illustrations were simple and unimposing, yet eye-pleasing, telling a beautiful story without over doing it. Though it is enjoyable for all, this book seems to be suited more for younger children. With the rhyming cadence carrying you from page-to-page, the keywords give inattentive minds something else to focus on.

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