Waiting Still: God’s Glance
by Marie Stevens

"Trust and thank Him,
For His love is forever
And always lasting."

This is a collection of poetry, narratives, and illustrations that shed light on God’s greatest gifts: the everyday relationships that we cultivate with love. Though the compilation consists of no distinguishable rhyme scheme, the free verse poetry helps to illuminate one’s standing in life and to better understand relationships from the perspective of God and faith.

In “The Many,” Stevens focuses on returning to “Him,” through love and knowledge, a theme that resonates throughout the book. “Waiting” expands on this theme by arguing that God’s grace may not come immediately, but it will surely come to those who are patient. Interestingly, the wordplay between the double meaning of “patient” comes to the forefront in “Surgical Team” where Stevens makes the analogy that we are all patients of God, and that patience has the potential to be a cure-all for all symptoms. Poems like “Did You See,” “I Saw You,” and “Morning Light” delve into the imagery of light and a divine vision that only a select few can witness. In the latter part, four straight poems are dedicated to the members of a family: “Father,” “Mother,” “Daughter,” and “Son.”

In conjunction with finding the love of God, Stevens seemingly helps readers better understand the role of the family in the path toward knowing God’s love. Along with the poems, the resplendent colors that make up the illustrations work to create a soothing, almost peaceful aura. For those who enjoy purely faith-based poetry, the author’s collection is fast-paced, exhilarating, and continues the discussion started by the myriad works preceding it.

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