Waking the Seer (The Sandra Andrews Trilogy Book 1)
by MarthaJean
Mountain Arbor Press

"The Seer does not convince, persuade, direct, or prevent. The Seer observes."

Sandra Andrews has a background in archaeology and anthropology which helps her investigate crime scenes with a unique perspective. She also has psychic abilities which earn her the reputation that she has a special gift for finding evidence and solving crimes. When a woman disappears, and a drunk witness can’t remember much, Sandra is called in to find the body. Thus, begins an investigation that soon involves paranormal beings, intergalactic intrigue, and the mind-bending science of time travel. Sandra soon discovers her gifts are needed for more than solving crimes.

MarthaJean has crafted a compelling story with elements of the best crime fiction mixed with the intricacies of paranormal storylines. Even as the plot expands quickly beyond a classic murder investigation, the author never loses the momentum of the story. With each addition of otherworldly beings and the thought-provoking science of the universe, the suspense only intensifies as the stakes increase. In addition, sparks fly between Sandra and Jake, an eternal being masquerading as a human. Together they are working to solve the murders, but Jake is also sent to protect Sandra on her journey to become a Seer. Sandra’s independence and strong-willed nature often put her at odds with Jake’s overprotectiveness. Their conflict and chemistry provide just a hint of romance to keep readers interested and curious to see where their connection leads.

The action is weighted down at times by the teachings Sandra receives as she learns about the vastness of the universe, time theory, quantum physics, and the true work of the Seer. But the lessons serve to build the intergalactic world unconstrained by time that Sandra is entering as a Seer. This genre-blending, intelligent mystery delivers interesting characters and a satisfying conclusion that will leave readers waiting for the next installment.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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