War And Lies: Book II Of The Citadel 7 Saga
by Yuan Jur
Promontory Press

"In his delirium, he tripped on something quite obscure and fell face down upon the ground in a sprawl, then felt the giant hand descend, grab him by the torso, and snatch him up."

Imagine if the universe that our scientists tell us about was itself a mere quadrant in an impossibly vast realm of existence known as the Superverse. In Jur's highly complex Superverse, countless mortal and ethereal races dwell and occasionally overlap with each other. Ruling it all are the Evercycles, beings of unfathomable power that are higher than the gods and lesser gods. This is the extensive sandbox that the author has chosen to build his ambitious Citadel 7 series in and one in which everything, even history and memory, are subject to change.

This book is the second volume in the initial trilogy primarily devoted to the early history of Benjamin "Ben" Blochentackle, a human who will one day become the powerful Commander Bloch. But at this point in the space time continuum, he is still an apprentice warden under the lesser gods Uniss and Dogg and prone to costly mistakes. However, he cannot afford to make many more because he is destined to be a pivotal player in the future of the entire Superverse. Meanwhile, war is looming on Tora, a world where the orange-eyed Scarzen are at odds with their bitter enemies, the Flaxon. But is this merely a planetary conflict or are there more insidious forces at work?

Jur, with his background in Zen Buddhism and extensive research into other faiths and cultures, has crafted a detailed landscape with heavy mythological overtones in which to set his tales. Additionally, in a rather bold and unique writing twist, Jur has structured his plot so that the reader is treated and addressed as a character who is even interacted with at times. Fans of science fiction that goes deeper than space ships and bug-eyed aliens might want to give his series a try.

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