Warrior Seven
by Matthew Valles
Trafford Publishing

"To my knowledge, there is no other place on Earth which houses as much information as the Pitt."

Generations ago in a remote farming community, a boat washes ashore filled with strange-looking men and a peculiar box. Flash forward to the present and Daven, a young master of Apophis is ready to ascend to a position to replace the old master, Virgil. However, Daven is filled with resentment and doubt, believing the village's religion to be a big deception. When Virgil is killed by marauders before he can pass on the truth of Apophis to Daven, Daven is thrust into the position of having to rescue his people from becoming slaves in the nearby city of Burgh. What Daven discovers inside the sacred Pitt is something that will change his entire view of the world, his responsibilities, and the faith of his people.

This title perfectly blends both science fiction and fantasy into a world that is irresistible. Though some of the twists are easy to prepare for, each often comes paired with another unforeseen wrinkle, leaving the reader feeling secure before discovering a key piece of this story's plot. While the number of characters is relatively small, they all complement each other well and fit nicely into a tight conflict that is satisfying as it unfurls. Though the title is relatively short and has some of the hallmarks of modern young adult fiction, some of the subject matter and concepts are graphic and adult. From start to finish, this book is engaging and entertaining, and any clues of a follow-up are appreciated and will lead to anticipation to discover this strange and familiar land all the more.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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