Was That Me?
Turning Points in My Life
by Mike Bivona

"Another link has been added to my character chain."

Mike Bivona takes us on a journey through a detailed account of his life as a young man and brings us to the inevitable answer to his book title Was That Me?. Starting with his inspiration for finding that answer, he shows us what life was like for a young Italian-American living in the neighborhoods of Brooklyn, New York.

Through many moves as a child and young adult, Mike Bivona's character began to develop. Being a very thoughtful thinker, he would ask himself which path he should take and somehow even when it seemed as though he should have chosen an easier route his decisions took him to exactly where he wanted to be. His description of his unusual and exciting jobs as a teenager and his adventures in the Air Force encourage you to turn the page and learn how his life rounded yet another corner. All the while you are asking yourself: What would I do in that situation? You'll often find that Bivona has taken a surprising direction. The driving force behind his decisions is a passion for his family and home. Every time he thought with his heart, it turned out to be the best direction.

Bivona takes you on a journey and engages you with his compassion and love for life. This book not only leads you down the path of Mike Bivona but inspires you to take a look back at your own life and encourage you to look into your character.

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