Wasted... Maybe
by MK
Trafford Publishing

"There's a bit of whore in everyone. Some admit it. Some don't."

"You're a slut" is the opening line of MK's intricate character driven novel, which sets the stage for a well-plotted storyline that plays out in a world where the temptations of sex, drugs, money, and power ultimately threaten the underlying emotions of love, preservation, and self-fulfillment for the central players. Placed against the backdrop of the 1950s, an era the author transfers in the classic details of a male dominated society, replete with fast-track businessmen, angling secretaries, insecure wives, and upscale supper clubs, MK presents the rise and fall of such genuine individuals, that the work could easily translate to a more modern time.

Consider Melody, a young woman troubled by the trusting ways of her past, who begins to entertain whirlwind romances, then a false loveless marriage. While her svelte beauty draws the attention of men, her profitable intentions land her in a downward drug spiral that only the right suitor (in this case a Hungarian singing sensation) can allay. MK entertains readers with a captivating narrative that includes the actions of Asian thugs, backroom drug trafficking, prostitution, and the sexual proclivities of key figures who haven't come to terms with their closeted lifestyles. A glimpse at this darker side seems a nod to the film noir stylings of early 40's and 50's Hollywood, which oft times includes a criminal element and an undercurrent of moral conflict. When Melody ponders "Life was easy with a man. Alone it was tough," it speaks to her attempts to survive in a man's world. With a fresh start, we witness savvy acquaintance Lara, rise from despair; while old friend Carla only proves the result of too much envy leads to demise.

Whether the business realm of movers and shakers, or the high life of celebrities, the seamy side of the human experience taps all ends of the spectrum. With the steady pace of this book and the extensive cast of characters, readers follow overlapping relationships and intertwining endeavors that keep us engaged. In the final pages of this work, the author reveals a two-sided perspective. We see characters who win, and those who ultimately fail. To paraphrase the well-known Robert Frost poem of "A Road Not Taken," perhaps the important lesson here is that our choices do make all the difference. Choose to read Wasted... Maybe.

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