"Painting is an art as well as a language. It allows the artist a form of self-expression and development of society."

Batik is an ancient art form that has been practiced across many cultures and time periods. It involves the use of wax in applying dye to different media to often create unusual and striking effects. In this book, Heppard gives this traditional practice a fresh, new twist by demonstrating how it can be used to create contemporary artworks with rice paper and watercolor paints. The book provides a comprehensive introduction to batik, including its history, the tools and materials the artist will need, and clear and detailed step-by-step instructions for techniques and projects. From traditional, abstract batik designs to innovative landscapes and still-life scenes, the book introduces readers to the versatility of this technique.

Heppard walks the reader through every step of the artistic process, from finding inspiration to touching up finished works, and provides a comprehensive gallery of demonstration projects. High-quality, full-color illustrations provide a visual reference, allowing even beginning artists to follow along comfortably. Heppard is herself an award-winning watercolor artist, and her beautiful artworks are used throughout the volume to both inspire readers and illustrate key principles and techniques. Her prose is likewise fresh and lively, drawing on her rich experiences of creating and teaching. The result is a book that is not only instructional but also enjoyable to read. Because Heppard covers both basic techniques and more advanced principles, the volume is likely to have wide appeal, allowing both novice painters and experienced professionals to grow and explore this novel approach to an ancient art form. Overall, the author has produced a text that is sure to appeal to watercolor artists everywhere.

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