The Way, The Truth, and The Life
by Mickey R. Mullen
Trafford Publishing


n this candid memoir, Mickey R. Mullen relays what his life was like growing up during the late 1930s through the 1960s. His recollections—clearly reflecting a dysfunctional family life—include moving around frequently while living in less than stellar conditions, his father's strange and often abusive behavior, and experiencing his parent's divorce, to name just a few. Yet amid his turbulent life, Mullen tells of his late 1960 born-again experience that radically changed his life.

Written in three parts—My Life, Part 1; The Way, the Truth, and the Life; and My Life, Part 2—Mullen captures his pre- and post- spiritual conversion in parts one and three, while the middle portion is a mix of scripture passages that are of critical to his spiritual well-being in addition to strong admonitions toward Christianity: "What is the reason for so many church denominations and religions?"

Although Mullen's personal memoir is a testimony of his new life in Christ, his life story gradually shifts from a cascading flow from one life event to random experiences, which are amusing but do not offer chronological cohesion. There are also misuses of verb tenses and terminology. Furthermore, the plethora of scripture passages are too lumped together, which challenges the various messages that the book tries to be convey. Nonetheless, a personal testimony can have a profound influence on another person's life. Indeed, Mullen's testimony may make a difference for someone else.

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