We Shall Overcome
by Abbie Johnson Taylor

"'Well, you have already handcuffed my heart,' said Lisa. 'You may as well take the rest of me.'"

Lisa Taylor has never allowed being blind to stop her from doing exactly what she wants. Where some of the other blind people she has met in the past allow the fear of their dimmed worlds to stall them, Lisa has made a point of forging ahead. She does harbor some fears, although none relate to her inability to see as well as others.

As she puts her best foot forward and declares her support for something she believes in, she isn't quite prepared to be hauled off to jail with the rest of her peace activist friends. It isn't a lack of true loyalty to her friends that causes her to balk, but it is the past that she just can't seem to shake. She struggles with the inner turmoil brought on by a traumatic event in her childhood. Her dread of jail cells leads her directly across the path of the love of her life, but it appears that her new boyfriend may not be able to live another moment with her fears.

We Shall Overcome puts a new twist on how the sighted may perceive or misperceive notions of what it may be like to live without full sight. Abbie Johnson Taylor makes sure readers know that being blind doesn't mean you are scared of the things that go bump in the night, but that regular old fears, and sometimes illogical ones, are the plague of the sighted as well as the blind.

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