What Color is Your Happiness?
by Gertilyn Elinor D'Argenzio
Trafford Publishing

"The rainbow is a gift of inspiration and a promise to project love from Heaven to planet Earth."

Combining new age philosophies with a universal message of love and compassion, D'Argenzio tells the story of siblings Michael and Sunny, who share a dream about an Angel Boy washed in all kinds of color. The next day, without discussing it, the brother and sister realize that they had the same dream when the events within begin to happen to them. As they ascend into the heavens, Angel Boy and Angel Girl impart the children with a message to share with all of the children of the world. The message relays how each child can help spread love to all people by using the traits of their favorite color. Each color of the rainbow has different attributes, and the book lists them all in a style almost like a zodiac horoscope.

While the philosophy of the book may be unusual to those with strict spiritual backgrounds, there isn't anything offensive or even questionable contained within. The underlying message is about love, respect, and cooperation, which any person, let alone child, should understand and follow. Illustrator Mike Motz uses vibrant colors, creating eye-catching visuals to follow the interesting story. Readers will be delighted to read what their favorite color symbolizes and will ideally try to follow the message given to them by the book. By doing so, the reader can share in the same journey as the story's main characters in making a better world for all. .

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