What Happens to Numbers 1 to 10?
by Agnola Charles-Snowball

"Here we are once more. Do you want to count with us again for sure? Okay, let’s begin. Clap your hands, and shout it out."

It’s time for little ones to have fun counting numbers. In the case of this colorful children’s book for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers, the numbers one through ten actually represent people—friends who, among other activities, spend a fun, adventurous, and educational day at the zoo. The author has dedicated the book to her three grandchildren, whose “love for stories has inspired” the writing of this book by a loving grandmother. Readers are invited at the outset to count along with friends Jane and Mariah, and through their escapades at the zoo, we learn just what each number is up to.

With plenty of rhyme and a nice, easy cadence, this is a wonderful elementary introduction to the numbers one through ten. In keeping with the idea of ten, ten questions are also presented after the story as an appendix of sorts. These ask simple comprehension questions about the story that has just been read. And just in case the reader is stumped, an easy answer key is provided. Rhythm, counting, smiles, and cuddling are all part of the experience of sharing this book with little loved ones. One can almost imagine the text being sung aloud, as both parent and child share the joy in learning all about “what happens” to the first ten positive numerals. This is a wonderful little gem of a book for teaching emerging readers (and younger) the counting of one through ten while also providing an appreciation for the use of repetitive rhyme as well as reading comprehension. The author’s picture book for children is sure to please.

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