What's Color Got to Do with It?
by Jeanette Chasworth, ASIS, CID

"The subconscious mind is the connection between your physical being and your conscious mind. When your impulses speak to you, moving you to select certain colors, that's your body talking and you should listen."

This book is both an educational and inspirational guide to the use of color and its effects on mood, conversation, and the like. Chasworth is obviously an expert in the field of color and blends the basics of color theory with psychology to produce this reference guide to transforming your personal spaces. The book begins with examples from Chasworth's clients who have turned to the interior designer for various emotional reasons but all searching for a new start within the walls of their home. From reclaiming space as their own following a death, to repairing a relationship with a house mate that had all but ceased to exist, these clients were desperate for help and found it with changing colors.

The book goes on to explain which and how colors work together and the feelings that they illicit. It also tells when and how to use them in combination to create the emotions you desire. The reader learns that pink reduced anxiety, red makes your food taste better and yellow stimulates the brain to name a few. Chasworth also explains the seasons of color and provides an exercise to help the reader determine what season best reflects their energy.

Chasworth, by providing a true education in the use of color, removes the anxiety often surrounding color change. She also provides guidelines to the selection process and tips and tricks to make sure you get it right the first time. This book is an interesting read for any homeowner or business owner trying to create the right mood to gain a desired response. From relaxation to excitement and creativity, color can provide it all and this text is the right amount of coaching to set you about your way.

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