What’s Going On? How Can We Help?: The Consequences of Capitalism and Actionable Steps Towards a Healthy and Sustainable Future
by Freequill
Illuminate Press

"Now, more than ever, we need to unite and become beacons of hope, offering clear solutions and proactively leading by example."

This multifaceted exploration of modern life caught in the clutches of capitalism presents a problem/solution framework rooted in revolutionary thought and a love for humanity. As Freequill, the anonymous author, examines the problems of our time by piling on fresh explorations with each chapter, the reader is continually reminded that solutions and strategies for change are forthcoming. Freequill does not languish in the critiques of the current state of economics and consumer culture, corporations and greed, politics and division, and community and sustainability. This engaging book builds on the premise that transformation can only happen when people first take a deep, reflective look at the truths of modern living and, second, imagine new and better systems for organizing communities.

This guide is not merely a matter-of-fact indictment of capitalism as a callous system that depletes the planet’s finite resources and demands inequality for its success. Freequill poses the problem but also offers solutions. This practical and timely guide includes large and small-scale calls to action that are not billed as all or nothing scenarios. Readers can engage with the author’s vision to establish an entirely new system for structuring society that relies on a moneyless economy and the will to wreck the existing economic and political structure. Activists less inclined to upend the capitalist structure can also find inspiration in other actionable tasks that are more traditional. Freequill’s suggestions and solutions are well-researched, are accompanied by helpful, inspirational examples, and anticipate frequently asked questions. The author’s moving call to action acknowledges the cynicism and powerlessness that so many people feel today but breaks through those barriers with gentle nudging and inspiring urgency in hopes of meeting people where they are in the move toward activism and revolution.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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