Where My Daddy Works
by Trevor Bungay
Trafford Publishing

"I love my daddy soooooooo much and he loves me too."

Trevor Bungay's Where My Daddy Works is a heartwarming children's story that strives to help kids realize how important parents are, and how much they are helping the world. Undoubtedly, children wonder why their mother or father isn't always around to play and spend time with them. This book, with beautiful prose and mesmerizing illustrations, sets the record straight. The story is simple for all children to understand, yet profound enough for adults to appreciate.

As a member of the Canadian forces, Bungay acknowledges the difficult of seeing your son grow up without his father. Nevertheless, the story portrays parents and the love for their children in an immensely positive light. The book depicts parents in the act, from saving sick people and feeding the hungry to building houses and helping keep the world a safe place for their children. More than anything else, this book provides hope, warmth, and an outlet for parents to convey their affection for their kids—even if they themselves aren’t always around.

This book contains a resounding entertainment factor, beginning with the light-hearted tone of the book cover and ending with the passage, "I love my daddy soooooooo much and he loves me too." Whether this book is read in schools, at home, or in any other setting, it will surely ignite a warm and fuzzy feeling within the recesses of the heart. Ultimately, Where My Daddy Works is an informative children's story that possesses the power to open the floodgates of the child's mind. Kids will no longer harbor resentment or come across ludicrous thoughts such as, "does my daddy really love me?"

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