Where Is My Home?
by Joan Romney Groves

"Sonic realized the world can be dangerous. He became unhappy, scared and lonely."

Groves has created a believable, meaningful saga of a little, lost kitten. Sonic is one of four siblings in the caring household of the Jakes family. Brooke and Danny adore the kittens—all but Sonic. He’s cute with soft, grey fur but not friendly or cuddly. He doesn’t like being petted. He hisses, growls, and even scratches the children when they try to play with him. When the time comes to find homes for the four kittens, no one wants Sonic, but a friend suggests a place in the country where several “wild cats” live. When they drop Sonic there, he jumps out and excitedly explores his new surroundings. But left alone, he soon encounters enemies, including a smelly skunk. He begins to search for a home. Over the course of nine months, he makes his way back to the Jakes family, who are amazed to discover that he has grown tame and really wants to stay with them.

The author, a retired school counselor, bases this colorful offering on a true story, expressing her belief that children “learn empathy and character development” from such stories. Her own empathy for her subject matter—a lost, confused, combative kitten—is evident. The situations she imagines for the wandering feline are evocative: he trudges through the snow, passes a spiritually uplifting nativity scene, and arrives back at the Jakes’ house in the bloom of spring. The illustrations by artist Nancy Romney and colorist Joan E. Schuller vividly depict Sonic’s transformation from a spiky bundle of claws and teeth to a contented furball when he finally reaches home. Children will be enchanted by this timeless tale, and it should be a great read-aloud book for parents and grandparents who will undoubtedly enjoy it as well.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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