Where's Ray?
by Boxer Girl
Trafford Publishing

"Please stop teasing him. He is just different than most dogs you see or know."

An animal lover since childhood, Boxer Girl has cared for exotic fish, hamsters, and her namesake canines. In writing, these real life connections are often placed at the heart of her work as she artfully transforms such meaningful interactions into creative fiction. The inspiration for Where's Ray? came about when a veterinarian introduced Boxer Girl to a special little white dog with a neurological condition that affected balance and coordination.

The fictional Ray appears to have a waving paw that sets him apart from your average dog. Owners Kate and Kenzie see the positive in his uniqueness, but a neighborhood troublemaker pokes fun. On an adventure, Ray has a variety of friendly encounters. Though a turtle warns him about an unfriendly alligator in a haunted lake, the author cleverly uses this unlikely creature to offer Ray insight about his magic paw. While the girls post signs about their lost dog and prays for Ray's safe return, unruly Dylan and some friends face a swarm of bees. Leave it to Ray to save the day.

Like Boxer Girl, illustrator Morgan Spicer is also a sincere animal advocate. Both human and animal characters are brought to life via her bright and colorful images that nicely compliment the story. From the happy expressions of this adventurous pup to the toothy-grinned reptile he befriends, young readers will be charmed by the action enhancing details. There is a lesson to be learned about accepting our differences. Both the author and illustrator saw the golden qualities of a special needs dog, then translated them into an entertaining children's book. Ideally this story sheds light on magical possibilities that can shine through unexpected places and circumstances.

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