Who? Me: "Never Thought It Could Be Me"
by Dr. Jeremiah Toney

"I know I might not know you but this book has been ordained for them that have been struggling and are ready to be free."

As a child, Toney was "unintentionally prophesied" by his grandfather to become a preacher. However, it wasn't until his time in the United States Army, when he served as a Chaplain Assistant, did he fulfill this prophecy. Once a minister, Toney traveled the world, spreading the Word of God. Through these experiences, he learned that "so many people feel that they are unworthy to be used of God," which inspired him to write this book.

Toney chooses to spread his message through his own life experiences. He believes that the “unknown power of God needs to be presented to others so that people's lives will be changed." Starting with the author’s life in Alabama through his realization that he has been selected to serve God, the book progresses as Toney's journey progresses. This approach makes Toney's message relatable and intimate without causing too much confusion for a reader who may not be familiar with the Christian faith. The entire book strives to drive home Toney's goal of convincing the reader that they are enough.

Although he includes scripture throughout the book, Toney places the text very strategically. He explains that "the moment you start reading this book, your life will begin to change but your season doesn't change until you receive the truth of the Word I spoke that will change your life." Toney's candid approach and use of scripture are why this book is a good read for those who are interested in the Christian faith, religious callings, and personal spiritual events.

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