Who Wants to Be a Litterbug
by Donna Goldsmith
Xlibris AU

"Keep your head high and your heart strong."

Imagine a book filled with images and scenes of a koala and his buddy Winks (a kangaroo in shades) cruising outdoor paths and all the while loving life and doing good things. Like with The Jungle Book’s Mowgli and Baloo or Christopher Robin’s Piglet and Pooh, the duo’s relationship makes readers smile.

Filled with silly-named characters in not-so-silly, deadly predicaments, this book is a perfect way to introduce environmentalism gently to the youngest of students. The message is clear and age-appropriate. A turtle eats plastic that he thinks is a jellyfish. Winks and Mango come to the rescue. Is that a can of beans on your head, Willie Wombat? Akadaka Dingo will save you.

The illustrations are colorful, lovely, and lively. Pre-readers might gaze appreciatively at these pages long before they can read them. There are also plays on words that will remind adults to explain to advanced first graders about the different spellings of like-sounding words such as bare and bear: “Gee Mango, how much can a Koala bare?” In addition, the rhythm is unmistakable and perfect.

From pre-kindergarten to second grade, this is a great first book for children on the subject of environmental awareness. With its rainbow of colors in the illustrations and lots of action, parents will likely save this book for their children, grandchildren, and beyond, because every child needs to learn environmental awareness as soon as they can grasp and throw. The author is obviously aware of how much the earth depends on people acting responsibly and clearly intends to help reinforce that behavior by promising even more children's books on environmentalism to come.

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