Why Can't Papa Remember My Name?
by Dr. Juvenna M. Chang
Trafford Publishing

"Papa, my name is not important. It's your name that I'll always remember."

Dr. Chang, inspired by her personal experiences, molds a heartwarming narrative that shows the affects of Alzheimer's disease from a child's perspective. Traditionally, the spotlight is on the individual suffering from the illness; however, who can explain and answer the questions of a child, who only knows his papa, the one who always played the ukulele, cooked delicious meals, and took him to zoos and beaches? This story is about papa's grandson, Kaiya, who is intent on making papa remember his name.

From a perspective of information and education, this children's story sheds light on a severely debilitating disease that affects not only the individual, but also everyone around him. Through Kaiya, Dr. Chang creatively sends her message to families in similar situations: The individual with Alzheimer's may not know your name, but he has not forgotten your love, or his love for you. Often times, helping curious kids understand and cope with life's harsh realities is the most difficult task; Dr. Chang makes this slightly easier with Why Can’t Papa Remember My Name?

In the story, Kaiya admires his papa and desires to be just as athletic and as great of a cook. Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of the story is Kaiya's innocence. In fact, he believes he can get papa to remember his name. From constantly reminding him with phrases such as, "My name is Kaiya," to making name tags and special cards containing his picture and name, Kaiya is relentless in his endeavor.

Overall, this story is as sweet and meaningful as they come. Children will immediately find both Kaiya and papa endearing and will be enamored by the illustrations. This is a must read for all children.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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