Witch 2: Black Dahlia
by M. Malstrom
Trafford Publishing

"Mom’s still young and I think that this experience has changed her whole outlook on life for the better."

In a stirring rendition of life in the hereafter, M. Malstrom's second book in the Witch series, Witch 2: Black Dahlia transports readers through different time periods by way of scientist Nikola Tesla's invention and ability to harness natural energy. Malstrom's ability to integrate science, time travel, and biblical stories with themes of survival, love, revenge, and discovery is commendable and undoubtedly captures the spirit of the book.

Well-written with vivid descriptions of "the other side," Malstrom's plot revolves around the adventures of Dahlia, a mother who endures the ultimate grief—the loss of her children. Her cheating husband propels Dahlia to rock bottom, with nothing left to live for. Just when she thinks that all is lost, Penelope, nicknamed Penny, appears during memorial services for Dahlia's son, and invites her to join both Penny and Nikki, Dahlia's beloved daughter—whose death thwarts an evil plan to destroy an entire race.

Before entering the spirit world, Dahlia realizes she has unfinished business. In one fell swoop, she releases years of pent up frustration by luring her ex-husband and chomping off a chunk of his genitals. Without hesitation, she then uses the coin given to her by Penny to open the portal to the other side. Dahlia transforms from a diffident woman who has with nothing to gain into "Black Dahlia," a determined warrior who fights Judas, the giant squid, protects Penny and the ancient biblical nation of Nod, and strives to get her daughter out of heaven to help Penny. With the help of Nikola Tesla's ionized glass, Penny, his otherworldly flame Coba, Dahlia, and Nikki battle the Nephilim, a race of ancient giants. Will they succeed? Does Tesla's invention mean that one can travel from one world to another and from past to present?

Witch 2: Black Dahlia is ultimately an action-packed, supernatural story that is at its best with vivid descriptions and a swift plot that somehow envelopes three different time periods: 2012 in Sacramento, CA; 1899 in Nikola Tesla's laboratory; and ancient biblical times in their battle against the Nephilim.

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