With Ballet in My Soul
by Eva Maze
Moonstone Press

"But it never hurts to dream."

A bout with scarlet fever in 1929 alters the course of a ten-year-old Romanian-Jewish girl who cannot dream of anything beyond becoming a ballerina. Little did Eva Maze know at that young age that the setback would eventually catapult her into a profoundly successful forty-year career as a globe-trotting impresario (managing and touring other talented dancers and artists). From her immigration to the U.S., marriage, and ballet lessons to life abroad and an opportunity that opens the door to a promising future in the event management industry, Maze takes readers on the incredible journey of one woman who dared to dream big.

Nonagenarian Eva Maze captures her audience from the get-go in her fascinating memoir. Her distinctive and well-scripted account incorporates much more than a mere retelling of over ninety years of personal history. Maze aptly weaves world events (i.e., WWII, the 1939 World Fair, the fall of the Berlin Wall) and a plethora of celebrities (dancers, actors, producers) into her story. Backing up her narrative, Maze includes over 250 amazing photos, newspaper articles, posters, theatrical and musical programs, and other primary-source images. While keeping her impresario career at the forefront, Maze demonstrates her self-assuredness that has sustained her through the trials and triumphs of over the years. Being able to identify and work with her strengths and weakness equipped her to become a risk taker especially during a period when women were highly discouraged from seeking higher education and pursuing careers. Now well into her nineties, Maze keeps her mind alert while adapting to the gradual deterioration of her faculties. A remarkable read, With Ballet in My Soul sends a powerful message of persistence and a positive attitude cutting through social norms and challenging times.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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