With Tangra Against the Wind
by Captain Nikolay Djambazov

"If a man doesn’t take control of his destiny, he only has himself to blame."

Likely due to Bulgaria's east coast being the Black Sea, this story begins with a childhood dream to sail the world. At seven, the author built a cardboard boat. In his prime, he poured all extra earnings, time, and energy into building a fin-keeled yacht named Tangra by a local poet. The author spent his spare time learning English and astronomical navigation. His immediate goal was to compete in the 1980 OSTAR (Singlehanded Trans/Atlantic Race) from Plymouth, England, to Newport, Rhode Island. Local friends proved untrustworthy rascals, while a film maker's offer to make a documentary attracted support.

After successfully completing OSTAR 80, American officials insisted Tangra return homeward, even though it was hurricane season. The author became ill while caught in a hurricane and turned south toward Bermuda. Once his health recovered, he completed repairs and sailed east toward the Canaries. Now a proven captain who had mastered his craft and outwitted ocean storms, his heart was stubbornly set on circumnavigating the world. Between his record-setting voyages, the author diligently wrote the manuscript for his first publication in 1983. Some Bulgarians called him a capitalist and denied funding. Despite such setbacks, in 1983-1984 he dared to single-handedly circumnavigate the globe (plus a half) via Cape Horn, journeying to and from the Canary Islands with one stop in Sydney, Australia.

This adventure-packed memoir has a unique preface: the police profile of the younger author claiming "he's been desperately building a yacht... wants to go round the world with her." This third book is helpfully illustrated with the author's photos of life aboard Tangra. These riveting illustrations are packed with the energy of sails and wind. Other photos record travel stops with friendly ex-pat Bulgarians he met worldwide. The author currently teaches sailing skills and captains charter yachts. Lovers of adventure and sea voyages may find a lot to enjoy in this book.

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