"Autumn sacred, My prayers, My family!
An autumn learning, An autumn art
To learn, every, any, Not to disturb,
An art, true!"

It is clear from Summers' poetry how important and inspirational autumn is to her. Each poem is dedicated to the wonders and sights of the season. She relishes in and reminds us of the sensations and symbolism of the harvest: multi-colored sceneries, autumnal flowers and plants, the expected familiarity of apples, pumpkins, and squash. She finds solace and renewal in the vibrant beauty of its tones and scents that offer tranquility and mystery. For Summers, autumn presents an opportunity to celebrate the joys of family, the warmth of home, the passage of time, and the healing powers for the soul.

Summers (the pen name of Durga Madiraju) references some influences and muses from her native culture, like the "prayers of my Sandhya," "saree," "Kumkum," and "sindoor." There is also mention and reverence of the goddesses Durga and Parvati. Summers is no stranger to this literary genre, having written seven other collections of poetry prior to this one. She meditates upon the eloquence of the season, each poem evoking the wonders and bounties of its energy. Autumn provides a sense of solitude but also a longing for togetherness and support of family.

Coupled with poems throughout are vivid images, primarily close-ups of floral displays. Summers also highlights varied foods, candlelit decorative pieces, and natural landscapes. It is unclear if these images are the works of the poet or borrowed as inspiration and visuals for the book. Included is something unique at the end—a puzzle or "Puzzlet," as Summers calls it—complete with instructions to "weave an art, such as a poem, a painting, or to innovate and invent." As another reminder of the strong ties, Summers shares glimpses of her family in portraits. This book is restorative and offers a chance to ponder and revere the marvels of our planet.

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