Words from the Heart
by Pamela Ella
Trafford Publishing

"Words mean so much to everyone. They can affect our lives in different ways. They can help us grow."

Life rarely turns out as you expect it to. Along the way, there will be surprising realizations, painful heartaches, and the chance to pursue hopes and dreams regardless of what others may think. Ella's poetry collection, 45 poems in all, passionately reflects one woman's thoughts on life's journey. She tackles subjects to which readers can easily relate—love gone wrong, missed opportunities, and taking control of onne's destiny.

Common themes thread their way through Ella's poems: Stop feeling sorry for yourself and start living life. Dwelling on the past and wallowing in self-pity accomplish nothing. One of her most powerful poems, "Opportunity," illustrates simple truths that are often forgotten in times of despair and heartache. Regrets don't amount to anything. No point on dwelling what awaits. Know it and deal with it. "My Own Book," "My Tree of Life," and "Be the One" speak honest truths about taking control of life: I write my own story. I reveal my own ending. I am my own book.

Ella's poems are simplistic in style, but powerful. Her style gives way to a raw emotion that can only be expressed by someone who has experienced the joys and pains along life's winding road. The collection's overall hopeful and uplifting tone, knowing something better is just around the bend, will be a comfort to many.

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