Worth of Smart: True Stories
that Might One Day Happen
by Blaine C. Readler Full Arc Press

"What makes you think I'm the only God? Sheesh! That would make for an awfully lonely place. No, there is a bountiful gaggle of us, each with their own show planet."

Blaine C. Readler blows the readers socks off with a witty and inventive collection of futuristic, science-fiction stories that make you laugh and think about the humans' role in the universe. Readler's expertise as an electronics engineer comes through strongly in his stories, whether he's spinning a yarn about a God who decides to wipe out all life on Earth to win a contest (see quote above), or when dazzling the reader with a story about transport booths that tear travelers bodies down to molecules in order to transport them to their desired destinations.

The stories raise questions about humanitys role in the universe, make you giggle, and most of all, entertain. The authors tone of voice is approachable and friendly, and the stories are well-crafted with a slight ironic undertone that fits well with the science-fiction element present in his stories. Particularly of note was the story about aliens who came to Earth to claim the bodies of long-lost comrades from Roswell, and the story about a scientist who froze himself in the Antarctic in hopes that in the future, a more-developed civilization will find him and revive him.

A great selection of stories that might one day truly happen, this collection is recommended not only for science-fiction buffs, but also for others who wonder about the not-yet invented technologies of the future.

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