by Judy Salz
Hardway Press

"You never know when a door will open that’ll change your life forever."

The lives of doctors Jenny Gordon and Mark Stewart along with Chaplain Joseph Waters are thrown together when a massive earthquake destroys the hospital where they are working. Now, on his first day of work, Mark must mark patients who managed to escape with ribbons: red for immediate attention, blue for beyond help, and yellow for less serious. Mark is torn as he feels he is playing God in the decision of who lives or dies. Jenny is treating all the patients she can, and Joseph, on his second day as the hospital chaplain, is administering last rights. None of these remarkable characters have had an easy past, and it comes to haunt them, especially on this disastrous day.

As time moves on, readers find out about the soured pasts of these three characters and experience them overcome all obstacles together to bring hope, love, spirituality, and healing to as many people as possible throughout the rest of their lives. Through these experiences, these admirable characters also grow spiritually themselves and dispel the ghosts of the past.

Salz has created an inspiring novel focusing on faith and spirituality. She shows readers how by faith one can change their life regardless of circumstance. Mark was once homeless, Jenny always feels inadequate due to her mother, and Joseph has a troubled youth with a criminal record—yet these three fascinating characters change the entire world with their research, work, prayers, and faith as the novel progresses. Salz connects her astonishing characters by drawing on her background as a physician herself, lending validity to her compelling story. She expresses how people can truly transform not only their lives but also the lives of others all around the world by just having simple faith in yourself and those around you.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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