Writings from The Soul
by Peter Lebuhn
Trafford Publishing

"a music hall, down a cobblestone street
slipping in the side door
the music is overtaking
into a fierce dancing beat"

Lebuhn writes that growing up in the late 60s and 70s, his musical and poetic influences included The Mamas and the Papas, Van Morrison, the Beatles, and the like. A local writer from the greater Philadelphia area, he includes in his book of poetry pieces that "attempt to pull the reader into the experiences" of which he writes. Lebuhn offers up an abundance of poems on spirituality, romance, and a range of emotions. Quite interestingly, the book also features some "tiger poems" that the poet, along with a good friend, wrote in association with a Save the Tiger campaign in Nepal.

Most of the pieces here are set in relative free verse and make nice use of occasional repetition of two- or three-word phrases. The poet describes his "One God, One Glory" in the poem "Beacon of Light." He writes of a "precious butterfly" who rests on the evening star and the harmonious friendship that has been cultivated between the two. In the poem "Electrical Storm," Lebuhn states that he is feeling funny and ponders what is happening as "a party is going on in my brain / one that i can't explain." He writes too of the "hush calm of the twilight / when day becomes night" and "poetry and passion" are whispering in "erotic fashion." He dedicates his book to "all lovers of the written and spoken word, and music,"

Lebuhn succeeds in producing an evocative, even sensual, collection of poems here which speak to the love of nature, love of the divine, love of God, and love of a woman. The poems are romantic and revealing, yet never approach anything more than a tease of tender love. Lovers of romantic poetry which comes from the heart and the soul should enjoy Lebuhn's collection very much.

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