Year 4115: The Sequel to My Dreams
by James D. Ferguson Jr.

"The creature in front of her was apparently a leader but would soon be a dead one."

It’s the year 4115 and humans have discovered they’re not alone in the universe. The main character is tuned to the mainframe of the spaceship, traveling alongside an intergalactic princess, scientist, and bodyguard. Known simply as The Commander, he's on a mission to understand why a dangerous race known as the Alteeneds is attacking other alien races. If only it was that simple, however. In addition to his worries about the Alteeneds, the Commander has a sinking suspicion that someone in his crew is keeping a secret that could destroy him, but who?

Ferguson sets the reader up with an action-packed story. There is enough intergalactic intrigue between the Prime One Council and the various races they govern to make this story fascinating. There are enough fights, outmaneuvers, and surprises to keep the reader entertained.

While the story has an exciting premise, and an interesting cast of characters, the secondary characters serve mainly as a support cast for the Commander. These characters lack the depth needed to empathize with them or understand their motivations, which can create confusion. For example, one character worried about the Commander finding out about her experiment (and viewed him as a potential threat), yet there is little internal dialogue from the Commander to support this. As a result, it makes it difficult for the reader to feel the same suspense and anxiety.

Despite the secondary issues, this book is an enjoyable read. It will appeal to those who enjoy quick page-turners and want to explore the endless depths of imagination in space exploration.

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