Yellow: The Blugees Book 4
by Edward Morse
PageTurner Press and Media

"Running in a group is tough but running as a group in chains was tougher for even the strong."

Al and Om have been reborn as slaves on the planet known as Yellow, a world run by domestic cats. The guards of the facility, as well as King Siamese, are from the cheetah clan of the Kingdom of Siam, one of four realms on the planet. The young men know of three other realms, and of those, two are much too hostile to escape into. Nobody who ever escapes into the amorphic realm near the dome of Siam is ever seen again. A second realm is dominated by a dangerous wolf-like creature. The third is said to be a human realm, but nobody knows how to reach it. Al and Om are joined in their quest to escape Yellow by their friends Christen and Jenny as they approach the age in which humans enter the breeding program, expected to mate and reproduce. But their escape plans are thwarted, and surprising new alliances are formed when the group is relocated and their destiny and past revealed in a surprise ending.

In this fourth book in the series, it is evident that the author’s ability to produce an engaging and well-crafted story continues to improve, making this book a seamless and enjoyable read. The storytelling, character development, plot, pacing, and the balance between narrative and dialogue are quite accomplished. The characters are older in this tale than in the others, and, therefore, the content may be geared to an older young adult audience, as well. Although readers would better grasp the Blugees’ characters and agenda by reading the first three books in the series, newcomers should still enjoy this science fiction novel as a fanciful standalone story.

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