You Can Change the World

by Richie Hrivnak

"Do it now! The sooner you start, the bigger the impact you can make!"

From the author’s viewpoint, there are many things a person can do to make a change in today’s society. Any person, regardless of age or ethnicity, can do a multitude of helpful services to change our ever-growing society. People from large cities to rural areas can all help our world; you just have to find what is right for you. From small acts of kindness such as standing up for kids being bullied, praying for others, and baking cookies for your neighbor to large acts of kindness such as donating food, honoring veterans, comforting the sick, helping the homeless, rescuing an animal from the shelter, and recycling—there is something for everyone to do. Children, as well as adults, can help change and shape today’s world. These are merely a few ideas about how one person can make an impact.

Hrivnak is an exceptional middle school student from Plum Borough, Pennsylvania, whose passion is to help mold today’s society into something better. He is greatly devoted to helping those in need and encourages others to help him in this cause. Even at this young age, Hrivnak has been awarded the Jefferson Foundation Award for his community service and became one of the finalists to represent his region in the Jefferson Awards in Washington D.C. Hrivnak created this book in order to inspire others to make a change in the world. He believes any act, no matter how small, will bring a change to the world. Even one act by one person can combine with others to make large alterations in the world’s civilization. The author gives a call to action through his story for individuals to start making small changes in the world and spread kindness and caring to all around.

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