You Never Know What Life Will Bring:
An Autobiography
by Maria A. Musarella, MD Trafford Publishing

"I truly believe that with all bad comes good. And that belief has helped me succeed against all odds."

There are no pretenses to Dr. Maria A. Musarella's memoir: You Never Know What Life Will Bring: An Autobiography. The author immediately tells her reader that she is suffering from Multiple Systems Atrophy (MSA) and that all patients with this disease, including her, will die of aspiration pneumonia. She commences her book in this brutal, harsh light cast on her and her life, but Dr. Musarella does not feel pity or woe for herself. She is a strong, assertive woman—and author—that does not deviate from saying and living her life according to her mission in life, and in her book: do not give up hope.

But not all of her life has been misery or tragedy. The author has had several accomplishments. A medical doctor, her research in the field of ophthalmology, concentrating in the study of Retinitis Pigmentosa, Dr. Musarella received global recognition for her achievements. She was the recipient of a series of fellowships in her native Canada, including the Heed, the Richard B. Scobee, and the Heed-Knapp. Dr. Musarella was chosen as the first Terry Fox Fellowship Award winner, the most prestigious fellowship in Canada, which she states allowed her to become a scientist.

Despite her having suffered several serious, life-threatening aliments, and witnessing the deaths of everyone she has ever loved, Dr. Musarella tells her reader to put on a brave face and jump into life with both feet. She does stress the old adage to look before you leap, but do it without losing heart. Living takes courage, and as per the writing and tone of her book, Dr. Musarella has the heart of a lion.

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