You and I: The Kate and Robert Chronicles

by Suzanne Eglington

"My Robert showed me his vulnerability, and it was me. I meant so much to him as he did to me."

For Robert and Kate Beckham, the wedding is over and the honeymoon is about to begin. Fresh from their hurried matrimony in Las Vegas, the newlywed Beckhams head to San Diego for some alone time full of relaxation, sightseeing, and plenty of physical intimacy. Focused on her husband—the over-possessive, at times frighteningly intense, madly in love police officer Robert—Kate is interested only in showing her love and passion for her new husband. Pleasant times in San Diego are over in a matter of days, but Kate has her wedding reception followed by an extended honeymoon across the Atlantic to meet Robert's parents to look forward to. In the blink of an eye, the couple are off, and Kate falls in love with the natural beauty of Ireland. Also to her advantage, Robert's mother, family, and seemingly the entire village take a shine to her immediately, and she becomes a popular addition to the scenery, serving as a matchmaker to those around her stuck in unhappy relationships as she once was.

After Ireland, Kate and Robert are off to England to visit with Robert's father and his snobbish stepmother that once tried to seduce Robert. What seems like an awkward and unpleasant visit soon turns into a nonstop party when they meet up with Ian Miller, a rock and roll superstar who also happens to be Robert's stepmother's brother. Though he is a bit rough around the edges, Ian hits it off swimmingly with Kate and Robert, who are soon flirting with celebrity status themselves. As the Beckhams revel in married life and adventures in Europe, Kate continues to receive the occasional warning signs about Robert's dark past and what drives him. Yearning to know more without shaking the foundation of her new marriage, Kate has to balance her curiosity with her own happiness.

Picking up where the previous book in this series left off, both figuratively and literally, the author gives the readers more of these two passionate characters on every single page. There is still plenty of idyllic circumstances, exotic locations, and affectionate romance throughout the honeymoon phase of Kate and Robert's union. For the readers drawn in by the erotic descriptions and sexual activity in the first book, those scenes are no less frequent than before, though they do tend to be shorter and leave more to the reader's imagination. This concession is made up for by the inclusion of more adventurous methods and just straightforward kinky situations, something that escalates as the story moves forward. Despite the increased length of this installment, there may simply be so much happening in the lives of the Beckhams this time around that their physical stimulations need to take a backseat to fit in all the characters, sightseeing, and adventure in this story. Fans of the erotic aspect of this series won't be left hanging out to dry, but the tonal shift in the approach to these scenes may make the second book more approachable by those that simply thirst for romance but are game for an occasional steamy sequence.

Beyond that difference between the two, the foreshadowed tension of Robert's dark past is still mostly hinted at rather than materialized, but explored in greater detail, particularly toward the end of this book. Kate learns of Robert's work as an international bounty hunter, as well as his first love that shaped his protective instincts with her. Neither have a large impact on the narrative this time around, but set the stage for an approaching revelation in a future book. Ultimately, this continues the trend set out in the first book of this series of being a low-drama, low-stress exploration of love, romance, and obsession between two individuals. There are significantly more locales this time around, and the essence of quaint Ireland and the London party scene are captured with both authentic dialect and strong characters full of heart. Any readers that fell in love with the intensity that Kate and Robert share will be delighted with the excitement that follows them on each of their honeymoon.

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