Your Best Health by Friday: How to Overcome Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Trauma, PTSD and Chronic Illness
by Elizabeth Gould, M.S.
Rincon Star Press

"If you are anxious, depressed or chronically ill, please don't be discouraged about where you are."

This practical guide contains research on reducing chronic illness without the use of modern medication. These recommendations are to aid readers' medical plans. This simple plan is divided into five days of learning. Monday describes ways to reduce stress. Tuesday outlines an understanding the overall plan. Wednesday teaches how to stop reliving negative emotions that cloud your mind. Thursday stresses ways to develop breathing practices to control emotions, exercise, and how to use vision and thoughts to heal. Finally, Friday discusses how the digestive system and diet work together to aid your body in retaining nutrients needed for overall health.

Gould has lived with chronic illness her whole life due to a multitude of unfortunate circumstances. These illnesses had her on multiple medications, but the side effects were just as bad as the illness itself. Gould chose to start researching alternatives to modern medicine to heal her body, instead of just masking the troubles with medication. She shares her experiences in the hope of helping others in her situation. While Gould addresses the main issues of most individuals living with a chronic illness, she takes what doctors describe and breaks it down in ways the readers can understand.

At the end of each day's lesson, she even demonstrates ways the reader can start using this information by organizing ideas into easy, moderate, and harder steps so no reader is overwhelmed when starting this regimen. She emphasizes that no one should start all the steps at once, but take a few actions toward a healthier, non-medicated way to heal one's body and when comfortable, add more. Gould has designed a simple, researched way to help readers heal and experience a better life.

Through her research, Gould has designed a simple way to help her readers heal and experience a better life. By sharing her personal experiences from childhood to adulthood, Gould builds a rapport with her readers developing a trust in her knowledge of the subject. Throughout the book, she references other authors' works which she uses as a guide to her own course of action lending sincerity to her study and ideas. Within each lesson, she directs her readers to other sites, books, and studies in order for the reader to learn more about the techniques and practices that most interest them and will fit best within their lifestyle never promoting that her way is the best or only way, thus showing the reader genuineness from Gould proving she is truly sharing her experiences simply to help her readers gain a healthier, less painful, and more fulfilling lifestyle.

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