Your Guide to the Revolution
by Irish Mike
Trafford Publishing

"Can you say you're an individual or just a product of society's treadmill dragging your feet as you leave the production line..."

One of the beauties of the contemporary publishing world, whether it be a book, blog, or any of a variety of other formats, is the ability of the writer to stretch the boundaries of convention and be as creative as he or she wishes without worrying about the opinions of editors or even readers. The author, using the nom de plume "Irish Mike," takes advantage of this freedom by crafting a highly unusual and yet intriguing book.

Although the title and first few pages lead one to believe that perhaps this work is designed to be a protest against the flaws of current society and a call for a future that will be brighter due to its radical differences from the present, there are some hints on the author's website and on the book cover itself that makes one wonder how seriously the author wishes to be taken and what his real purpose is in writing his "Guide." In fact, as the reader soon discovers this seems to actually be a rather wild romp through the author's experiences, views on life, and, in many ways, his attempt to offer some proverbial wisdom to the upcoming generation.

Stylistically, the book deliberately breaks standard rules of punctuation and grammatical structure and yet follows its own unique system of expression. For example, almost every page has two, massive one-sentence sections. While these at first may seem to be disjointed ramblings amply filled with gratuitous profanity, on closer reading it becomes obvious that many of the pieces have depth, employ a modified rhyme scheme reminiscent of rap, and beat with their own rhythm. In essence, while aspects of this book will offend some readers, its hidden gems are worth digging for.

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