Yours Forever ... Maybe
by MK
Lane Unlimited

"To love and be loved is the ultimate human quest, but inner peace is the true reward."

In a gentle nod to the glitz and glamour of popular Jackie Collins type novels, MK presents a smart character driven work that focuses on four uniquely, strong women, headed down very different paths. Readers meet Marla, the central ingenue dealing with the imposing aftermath of divorce from her cheating, actor husband. With new career skills and a cautious heart, she begins to take charge of her life, and eventually opens herself to happier times, enhanced by the charms of a foreign financier. Throughout Marla's journey, the supporting cast is interestingly woven into the storyline. Jealously is highlighted via Carol, a Grace Kelly styled co-worker. She flashes her "earned" jewelry against signature black & white outfits that classically represent her clear-cut take on money and relationships. Linda, embodies the sexual component; clearly a victim of child abuse. Sex and drugs are her trading commodity, with bit part "tootsie roles" as the exchange. Rehab is surely in her future. With a penchant for blackmail, MK effectively chooses Xiumei, the Chinese immigrant, turned caterer, to cast a dark shadow on the search for the American Dream.

From the ingenious elevator "fight-song" that connects characters and their entrances, to the inclusion of the "Gossip Minute Lady," awards banquets, and posh affairs, here details substantiate the author's knowledge of the entertainment field and also reference the air of money, business, lust, and greed, that often surround a cast of the rich, famous, and wanna-bes, As the theme of love plays into much of the book's dialogue, some expressions may seem a bit cliche. Yet all possess an element of truth, particularly with regards to characters considering their own heartfelt destiny. While sex comes with the territory of this romance genre, MK proves her talent most specifically when delivering the solid, beautifully succinct moment in capturing the intimacy between Marla and her Spanish suitor. Here, the encounter is delivered with a delicate, yet steamy literary flair. The author's ability to mesh substantial characters with common interests, yet have them achieving such polarizing gains, should ultimately pave the way for future MK novels and an audience eager to be entertained.

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