Zoat the Boat
by Auntie Cakkie
Trafford Publishing

"The giant named JOAT tied the raft to ZOAT, then he put the GOAT on the raft so ZOAT could FLOAT."

At first glance this is a simple little story about a boat in trouble. With its weighty surplus it is unable to deliver animal cargo across the waterway. Calling out for help, the boat ultimately receives some necessary assistance. The short narrative is written in a rhyming pattern, while as a helpful learning device, all relative words like BOAT, GOAT, and MOAT, are featured in bold capital lettering. Basic color illustrations offer a visual of each story character, and each page is neatly edged with a little boat riding the waves.

Now comes the deeper meaning. Zoat the Boat is clearly written in mind of a children's Sunday school class or Bible study reading. The book is prefaced with words about the daily struggles and burdens we face, and how in calling upon Jesus for help, he sends his message through believers, and ultimately we find a connection to God.

While the little boat story ends midway through the book, Cakkie devotes the second half to pages explaining the spiritual applications of the tale. This time, with black and white drawings of the featured characters, the author explains their symbolic biblical equivalent, (i.e. ZOAT represents the reader, the giant named JOAT is Jesus, and the GOAT signifies sin). Here Cakkie includes a relative Bible quote. While certain biblical passages in and of themselves might be a bit complex for the comprehension of a young reader, the combination of a basic children's story with a follow-up analogy that references the actions of the characters, proves an effective blend of story, learning, and spiritual lessons. There is great value in a merging of knowledge and entertainment, whether direct, or allegorical. The result as revealed in Zoat the Boat is clearly a win-win situation.

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